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  • Long-term prospects of insurance career - POSP

    When you choose a career in insurance you not only get immediate benefits, you get good long-term career prospects too. These prospects include the following -
    ·    You get renewal commissions on the renewal premiums paid by your clients. Once you have a sizable renewal base you can earn a lot of money by doing very little work, as long as you have kept your customers happy with your great service ! Top insurance agents earn a few crores of rupees each year.
    ·   You can become MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table), COT (Court of the Table) or TOT (Top of the Table). Besides earning good commissions, you also get invitation to global convocations honouring your achievements.

    ·     You generate a a great respect and a very  positive impact on the lives of families you help protect at the time of claims.

    ·    You can also pursue any other profession or employment alongside your insurance agency business.
    So, become an insurance POS-P and build a highly rewarding and respectable career in insurance. You would be amazed at the benefits and the rewards you get.

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